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About Our Products


Our Wensleydales and Teeswaters produce beautiful, long, lustrous, strong wool. We sell raw fleece, roving, yarn, high quality hand-woven throws and blankets, and sheep-breeding stock as well as weathers who are fantastic additions to small farms as they give beautiful wool their whole lives and can be quite the agreeable farm companion. More recently we have added the Valais Blacknose breed to our flock. All of our high percentage and purebred sheep are registered with NAWSA, ATSA and VBSS, and come with papers.  

Shearing Sheep at Wild Rose Sheep Farm
Shearing Sheep at Wild Rose Sheep Farm

We are using our Teeswater ewes for up-breeding the Valais. Our raw fleeces, which are heavily skirted to remove dirt, hay, straw etc., are valued by handspinners and crafters like doll makers who use the long locks of wool for beards and hair.  We send wool to spinning mills to produce gorgeous white and natural colored yarns and roving.  We have started dying some of our yarns recently too.  The rest of the yarn goes on to Swans Island Blankets on the coast of Maine for a line of hand woven blankets and throws made with our wool. 


A Rare Collaboration

From Wild Rose Farm sheep to Swans Island looms; West coast to East coast and back again; from one island/coast line to another,  these blankets and throws are all-natural and handwoven— designed to last a lifetime or more.  They are true heirlooms that can be passed down through generations.

"This blanket is so gorgeous and the seller is just as fabulous."