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8 Handwoven Wool Queen Blanket Rare Cranberry Color with Natural Silver Stripes

Handwoven dyed Cranberry color wool queen blanket with Silver stripes. Handwoven wool from our Wild Rose Farm english heritage sheep flock. Rare blanket as most of our blankets are all natural color with no dye. This one was our white wool that got dyed a gorgeous Cranberry color, it is a one of a kind. The silver stripes are natural wool color, no dye.

Color: Cranberry with Natural Silver Stripes

Size: Double/Queen 90" x 90"




Since 2010 in a rare collaboration with Swans Island Blankets in Northport Maine, we are able to present a small selection of unique handwoven blankets produced from our wool line at Wild Rose Farm. Our special, one-of-a-kind handwoven wool blankets are the perfect gift for any occasion when you want to give something of real value.  Each blanket is folded into a beautiful box making it prime for gift giving.


Our wool blankets embody the 'old' idea that the more care that goes into something, the better it will be. Our blankets are all natural and handwoven, designed to last a lifetime and longer.  They are truly heirlooms that can be passed down through generations, from kids to grandkids, and a constant reminder of our woven bonds. The quality of the wool is the direct result of happy, healthy, and well-cared-for sheep.

8 Handwoven Wool Queen Blanket Rare Cranberry Color with Natural Silver Stripes

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Swans Island offers a blanket hospital for cleaning and repairs of all blankets. Instructions for repairs, piling, and cleaning will be shipped with the blanket.

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