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Raw Fleece


The English longwool breeds are unique in that they have a wonderful lock structure, especially the Wensleydales and Teeswaters and they have a lustrous quality. It is a strong wool and yet soft to the touch and not coarse as some of the other long wool breeds. 


Valais wool also deserves recognition, and although their wool is on the coarser side, it has a very important purpose in the fiber world. It lends itself well to outer garments, felted garments, shoes, bags and rugs. As well as more elaborate felted articles of clothing, using locks of wool, such as collars and wraps. It has a bright luster to take up dye beautifully.


Teeswater fleeces are always white. Wensleydales’ are white and naturally colored, ranging from white to silver, to shades of gray, charcoal and brown to black. Valais Blacknose are always white.  


Fleeces are sold at the farm or we ship. Prices range from $30-$50 per pound

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