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Valais Blacknose


In order to establish this breed in the USA we have partnered with Martin and Joy Dally of Shepherd’s Lane of Oregon to establish Pure Valais, LLC.  To accomplish this we have employed embryo transfer into surrogate ewes to produce 100% purebred Valais Blacknose lambs on our two farms. With genetic diversity and quality of care as the head cornerstone of this new venture we will cease using embryo transfer once we have a strong foundation flock established here in the states.  

2021 and 2022 was Pure Valais’s first crops of lambs.  In 2022 we had our first naturally conceived purebred valais lamb born at our partners farm at Shepherd’s Lane in Oregon.  You can learn more about Pure Valais, LLC and this amazing breed by visiting the links below. 

Characteristics & History

Besides the fact that they have been dubbed the “cutest sheep in the world”, they are so much more than that. Their visual appeal and calm nature stand out!  They are incredibly handsome, beautiful and noble sheep.  They are also extremely docile and friendly.  Those who meet these sheep become smitten with their winning personalities and unique beauty.

Also known as the Walliser Schwarznasenschaf, this breed is native to the mountainous Valais region of Switzerland and was first documented in this area dating as far back as the 15th century.

Their fiber also deserves recognition, and although their wool is on the coarser side, it has a very important purpose in the fiber world.  It lends itself well to outer garments, felted garments, shoes, bags and rugs.  As well as more elaborate felted articles of clothing, using locks of wool, such as collars and wraps.  It has a bright luster to take up dye beautifully.


5-10 lbs based on 6 month growth.

Fleece Weight

12 inches each year, but with twice yearly shearings resulting lengths tend to be 5-6 inches.

Staple Length

Average micron is 38 for mature sheep.

Fiber Diameters

The wool is coarse and grows in long balanced locks with great luster.  

Lock Characteristics

Uniformly white.

Natural Color

This fleece makes brilliant colors because of the luster.


Dual purpose, meat and wool - and of course known as “the cutest sheep in the world.”

Best Known For

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